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If you find stable, higher-paid job and you are interested in promotion, our company «Ug Grand» – guarantee for achieving your goals!

The Ukrainian crewing company «Ug Grand» – perspective, fast growing company, working on a formal basis, according to the License of the Ministry of Labor and Social policy of Ukraine.
Our main task is to provide services of recruiting and staffing for shipowners and ship managers, and also we help to prepare seamen to the voyages, a qualitatively new approach to cooperation between ship owners and staff. We work with a lot of international companies, that have currently open positions for sailors.We have a large database of ratings and officer crew personnel.
We provide highly skilled and experienced candidates for work at different types of vessels.
Our goal is providing the decent working conditions, high salary, stable job and the opportunity for promotion.
We hope to cooperate with you in the nearest future!

Тел: +38 0500574370; +38 0967133208
Email: ug_grand@crewing-ug.ks.ua
Skype: LLC Ug Grand